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Feb 28, 2024 | News

We supply the baby diapers, adult diapers, wet wipes, dry wipes, sanitary napkins, underpad, pet diapers, and related raw materials, as well as OEM and ODM customization services.Over the years, JIAYUE has continued to provide one-stop diaper sourcing service solutions for domestic and international customers, and keeps delivering stable and high quality products. JIAYUE understands that quality is the most critical element for product sales growth, so it has been very strict in controlling each batch of shipment and recording the production parameters to control the stability of the products.

Do You Think There Is a More Reliable Brand Of Baby Diapers

Diaper pants are an essential item in a baby’s family. Usually called adult diapers or incontinence underwear. Is an item that provides protection and absorption to adults with urinary and/or fecal incontinence. China baby diaper brands are worn like underwear. Compared to underwear, it is more waterproof. It adds a waterproof barrier and absorbent material. Diaper pants come in a variety of shapes, sizes and absorption levels. Can meet individual needs. Some styles feature adjustable belts, more fitted side panels and easier to remove tabs.

The significance of baby diaper brands extends beyond mere functionality, encompassing pivotal roles in safeguarding the comfort and sanitation of infants.Affording parents a sense of reassurance. Noteworthy contenders among the top-tier brands include:

In Order To Ensure Comfort, How To Choose To Admit Diaper Underwear

For adults managing incontinence or needing assistance, adult diaper panties have evolved to offer discreet, secure, and comfortable solutions. At present, JIAYUE is well-equipped with modern production machines that can produce 560 baby nappies and 230 adult diapers per minute. We are constantly optimizing our production equipment and production technology, establishing strict quality control and passing authoritative quality certifications such as CE, SGS and COC. From the purchase of raw materials, the manufacturing of products to the packaging and transportation, we have a complete set of closed system, with special QC staff assigned to control each link, which provides a strong foundation to achieve high efficiency, high standard and high output.

With the strong market support from the company itself, as well as the stable product quality, efficient service and competitive price, we have been regarded as the only reliable supplier by our regular customers, and helped some customers grow from a trial order of a container to a well-known brand in the local market. Meanwhile, the JIAYUE foreign trade team is vibrant, efficient and professional. The team receives positive comments on our products, affirmation of members and appreciation of the team from different countries and customers every week.

Best Overnight Adult Diaper for Optimal Protection and Comfort During 

  • Depends Overnight Underwear: Best overnight adult diaperparamount absorbency and luxury for nocturnal application.
  • Best overnight adult diaper: Tailored for intense incontinence throughout slumber.Best overnight adult diaperprolonged absorption and leak prevention.
  • Attends Overnight Underwear: Showcases augmented absorbent cores and leak deterrents for enduring safeguarding.
  • Tranquility Premium OverNight Pull-Ons: Engineered for severe incontinence and capable of enduring up to 8 hours sans alteration.Kindly advises that personal.Requirements are diverse.Hence it is paramount to take into account elements such as dimensions, suitability, absorbency capacity, skin delicacy. Individual inclinations when selecting the ideal adult diaper for overnight use.Experimenting with various brands and designs may be essential to discover the most efficient and pleasant resolution.
    Size M L XL XXL
    L*W(mm) 760*590 800*710 880*850 960*850
    absorption(ml) 700 800 900 1000
    weight(g) 56 62 72 84
    PCS*Bag*Package 10*10 10*10 10*10 10*10

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    Jiayue aspires to serve as your trusted liaison in China, facilitating the expansion of your presence in the local market with a decade of steadfast marketing expertise! Backed by the firm’s robust market backing, coupled with unwavering product excellence, expedient service, and competitive pricing, we have earned the distinction of being the sole dependable supplier for our loyal clientele. Through nurturing partnerships, we have catalyzed the transformation of some patrons from initial container trials to esteemed local brands. Concurrently, our dynamic, adept, and seasoned JIAYUE foreign trade team garners weekly accolades, affirmations, and gratitude from diverse nations and patrons for our offerings.