The production of medium and high-end products must rely on quality equipment!

Jul 21, 2023 | News

As a supplier of disposable sanitary products, Jiayue optimizes and upgrades its production equipment in addition to updating and iterating its products. Recently, the factory newly introduced a batch of high-performance production equipment, focusing on the production of medium and high-quality products. The flatness of the product will be better, the product will be more delicate and meet the public’s higher demand for products today. Let’s take a look at the high-quality diapers!

The product is a one-piece pants, whose bottom and surface are hot-air non-woven fabric. The performance of hot-air non-woven fabric is more comfortable and softer compared to other non-woven fabrics, and also able to maintain a certain degree of dryness. The waistband is designed for the bubble shape, which can protect the navel from cold. Since the navel is close to the stomach and large and small intestines, if the umbilicus and even the whole stomach is caught in the cold, it is easy to cause indigestion. Belly cold is also one of the important causes of diarrhea in babies. At the same time, the bubble waistband is better fitting to the skin, making the baby’s waist more comfortable and breathable. The bubble waistband design is hot in the Japanese and Korean markets and is loved by the public.

The following is our own brand — Yibero, which is also our new product recently, focusing on the middle and high-end market. The design is simple and elegant, the inner surface layer is floating point process and the absorbing layer is SAP polymer absorbing layer. The water absorption test of size S can completely absorb 500ml in 30 seconds.

The next product adds vitamin buttock protection ingredients to the inner layer, which helps to take care of the baby’s tender skin. This “formulated” diapers are most likely to gain popularity in the current environment of rat race. In the past two years, in terms of product innovation, the exploration around the diaper “formulation” has become an important driving direction for many brands. Following the current trend of adult skin care products, applying ingredients from baby buttock creams and body lotions to diaper products will be more easily accepted and recognized by young parents.

Jiayue is a professional diaper supplier in Quanzhou, China’s diaper production base. With 10 years of experience in the sanitary products market, Jiayue has been the leader in the sanitary products industry in 2022. At present, the export market of the products exceeds 70 countries and regions, and Jiayue has helped a number of customers to grow into well-known brands in the local market. In 2022, Jiayue exported more than 1,000 cabinets, achieving consecutive new records. Jiayue will keep up with the market trend, optimize the products and update the equipment, which is the strength of Jiayue! For more information, please contact us.Whatsapp/Tel/Wechat: 0086 15980308853