Understanding the Importance of Sanitary Napkins

May 14, 2023 | News

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Sanitary napkins, also known as sanitary pads or feminine hygiene pads, are essential feminine hygiene products used during menstruation to absorb menstrual flow. Choosing the right sanitary napkin is important for comfort, health and freedom during periods. China sanitary napkin manufacturer may give you more information about sanitary napkins.

Types of Sanitary Napkins

Different types of sanitary napkins are available:

  • Regular sanitary napkins – Basic thin pads with an absorbent layer that trap and contain fluids. Ideal for lighter flows.
  • Ultra-thin napkins – Extra slim pads for discreet protection and comfort.
  • Wings – Sanitary napkins with wings or “flaps” that stick to the sides of underwear for added security.
  • Extra-absorbent pads – Thicker pads with extra absorbent layers for heavier flows.
  • Overnight napkins – Extra long and absorbent pads designed for use at night.

Picking The Right Ladies Sanitary Napkins From China Sanitary Napkin Manufacturer

Factors to consider when choosing sanitary napkins include:

  • Absorbency – Select pads based on your menstrual flow amount – light, regular or heavy. More absorbency means less chance of leaks.
  • Comfort – Features like softness, deodorants and rash-free liners improve comfort during periods.
  • Innovation – New technologies in sanitary napkin materials, like gelling agents, wicking layers and breathable liners, optimize absorbency and comfort.
  • Individual needs – Consider overnight use, activity level, and convenience factors. Wings, pocket size and discreetness vary by brand.

A variety of sanitary napkin options, materials and features are now available to meet women’s specific needs. New sanitary napkins designs continue to emerge with the goals of super absorbency, leak resistance, comfort, discretion and pleasure during menstruation.