What to do when side leakage occurs in adult diapers

Feb 14, 2023 | Blog

Wearing diapers may seem simple, but if you don’t wear them properly, you can easily develop side leaks. So what should you do if you find that side leakage occurs in adult diapers?

  1、If the diaper leaks at the waist, you need to check whether you have adjusted the waist circumference well. If the waist is too loose and side leakage occurs because the waist circumference is not adjusted well, just readjust it.

  2、If it is not a problem of size, every brand of diapers will have yardage, we can find that the size is basically divided according to weight, and the definition of yardage may be different from brand to brand, so you must check the size in real time when you buy, and never buy diapers according to experience.

  3, if the side leakage of adult diapers is frequent, you need to check the size size of the diapers. Although the size of diapers are purchased according to the weight of the adult, this standard does not apply to everyone, but also depends on the body structure of the user. In addition, given the different brands of diapers, their sizes may also vary. So when buying diapers you can’t just look at the weight as a parameter, but you need to select a comprehensive range of indicators.

  4. If the wet leakage caused by side leakage occurs around the legs, it is possible that the diapers are not pulled out of the leak-proof partition of the legs after wearing the diapers, and this time the problem of side leakage of the legs can be solved by stroking.

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