A Focus on Women’s Physical Health: Trends in Sanitary Napkins

Feb 23, 2023 | News

The earthquakes in Turkey and Syria this month have attracted global attention. On February 13, Beijing time, Ruan Ruan, a “post-95” girl from China, took it upon herself to organize a donation of sanitary napkins to the earthquake-stricken areas in Syria, and prepared 6,000 packs of sanitary napkins to be sent to Syria with an advance of more than RMB 10,000 at her own expense. In the past, when disasters struck, sanitary napkins for women during their menstrual period were not considered essential and were often in short supply. However, as times progressed and the status of women improved, women’s physiological health became more important and sanitary napkins became widely used. Moreover, the lessons learned from previous disasters, where feminine sanitary products were scarce, are becoming more visible. As a result, there are now people standing up for women and providing them with the appropriate supplies in times of disaster.

When it comes to the use of sanitary napkins, a new law was published and implemented in Scotland in 2019, which gives all women “sanitary napkin freedom”, and a total of approximately €32 million has been invested in providing free sanitary napkins and tampons in public facilities and institutions in Scotland since 2017. All schools in Scotland have been obliged to provide free menstrual products since 2020. This obligation has now been extended to a wider group of beneficiaries. This initiative in Scotland is designed to prevent some women from falling into “menstrual poverty”, with an aim to avoid them being unable to buy the food they need for the “expensive” cost of their periods. Germany has also reduced the tax on sanitary napkins from 2020 in order to alleviate women’s “menstrual poverty”.

As the mindset of mankind has changed, women’s physiological health is being taken seriously and the use of sanitary napkins no longer has to be covered up. However, there are still many areas where the status of women is still not high, so it is imperative to popularize knowledge of women’s physiological health and to promote sanitary napkins, and the future of sanitary napkins is promising and cannot be underestimated.

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