Baby Diaper Products Explanation

Dec 28, 2022 | News

Jiayue is one of professional diaper suppliers in Quanzhou, the diaper production base in China. We produce standard and customized baby diaper,adult diaper,wet wipes,dry wipes,sanitary napkins,period pad,underpad,pet diaper and related raw materials ect products. 
Today we want to talk about the baby diapers.Generally speaking,baby diapers are divided into baby nappies and pull up baby diapers,each types of baby diaper has different features, suitable for different markets and customer groups.

Baby nappies:

  1. PE film baby nappies (heavy plastic feel), cloth like film baby nappies (PE film + non-woven fabric).
  2. Core baby nappies (ultra-thin, usually a pack of 50 pieces), fluff pulp diapers (thicker).
  3. The surface layer is divided into hot air and spunbond. The hot air is softer but more humid, and the spunbond is rougher but drier.
  4. Large ring waist diapers, ordinary ring waist diapers; ring waist stickers are divided into Velcro (S cut and straight cut) and PP stickers.

Pull up baby diapers:

  1. Three-piece baby pull, two-piece baby pull
  2. Abandon stickers
  3. Customizable foam elastic waist

Undoubtedly, disposable baby diaper pants are the most convenient choice. Because you don’t have to deal with washing, stapling or inserting. However, disposable baby diapers can be filled with chemicals and other potentially harmful ingredients. (e.g. dyes, spices, plastics, chlorine bleach, etc. As trusted underpad and baby diaper pants manufacturer and supplier, JIAYUE always supplies cotton-blend, free of chlorine, chemicals or gel. Certainly, according to customers’ demand and standard, we also use natural wood pulp from sustainable forests.

Specification about baby diaper and nappies
Referring to diaper’s specification, normally we have standard dimension. In addition, we also provide custom size so that to satisfy customers’ demand. Firstly, width is around 320mm; For length or roll diameter, it is 500m/34cm, 650m/38cm, 1000m/48cm, 1500m/58cm; Thirdly, core diameter is 76mm; Finally, Weight of baby nappies are 13-18g/m².

You only pay an affordable OEM fee for the first order, you will have a unique diaper with your brand.
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