Talk about the epidemic in China

Dec 23, 2022 | News

Since December, Chinese officials have suddenly stopped adhering to their long-standing policy of “zeroing out” for COVID-19, and the term “zeroing out” has instantly disappeared from official meetings and documents, as governments around the country have instead drastically eased restrictions on COVID-19. According to a report by the Hong Kong Satellite TV on December 21, Beijing will adjust its entry policy to “0+3” from January 3, 2023.
Mao Ning, spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, states that the world economy is currently facing multiple challenges, and unilateralism and protectionism are on the rise. China will firmly support economic globalization, unswervingly promote a high level of opening up to the outside world and accelerate the building of a new development pattern. We will provide more market opportunities, investment opportunities and growth opportunities for enterprises from all countries. In the face of the complex and severe international and domestic situation, China’s economy has held up to the pressure, showing a stable recovery overall and continuing to operate within a reasonable range. The characteristics of China’s resilient economy with great potential and wide space remain unchanged, and the fundamentals of China’s long-term economic upturn will not change.

December 22 is the Winter Solstice, a traditional Chinese festival, also known as the Short-day Solstice, the Winter Festival and Second to Spring Festival, which has both natural and human connotations. It is either an important one of the twenty-four solar terms or a traditional Chinese folk festival of ancestor worship. On this day, people in the south eat dumplings, while those in the north eat dumplings. Although the festive foods they are accustomed to eating are different, the meaning of celebrating the winter solstice is indeed the same – it is for family reunion. All of us at Jiayue wish you all a happy Winter Solstice!
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