Caring for Your Family On A Budget

May 30, 2023 | News

Raising a family can be expensive, but there are ways to save without sacrificing essentials. I’m all about finding affordable products that make daily life easier, like wet wipes for babies and cheap sanitary pads.

Why Wet Wipes Are A Mom’s Best Friend?

Wet wipes are a mom’s best friend. They make diaper changes and quick cleanups so much more manageable. But name brand wet wipes can add up quickly. I’ve found that store brand wet wipes work just as well and cost up to half the price. The key is looking beyond the name on the package. I buy the extra large multipurpose wet wipes from my grocery store and keep them stocked up.

For tween and teen daughters, sanitary pads and tampons are a necessity but can cost a fortune. I look for store brand options or off brand picks that offer excellent absorption at an affordable price. I buy the cheapest regular sanitary pads available and keep extras on hand for when my daughter needs them. I also remind her that there’s no shame in reusing pads when appropriate to cut costs even more.

How To Save Money When Buying Cheap Sanitary Pads & Wet Wipes

With a little research and openness to alternatives, you’ll find many ways to save money on daily essentials while still providing what your family needs. Start by checking out store brand and off brand options that often offer the same performance at up to half the price of name brands. With some easy switches, you can care for your family on any budget.

Tips For Being Frugal When Buying Feminine Hygiene Products

Look for store brand options and off brands. They often have similar absorbency and cost 50% less than name brands.

Buy value packs that offer more products for less cost per unit.

If your daughter is in middle or high school, consider reusable pads and period underwear. They can significantly reduce waste and costs over time.

If single-use pads are needed, check the absorbency levels. “Light” and “Regular” absorbency pads cost less but may work for lighter days.

Look for online coupons and subscribe to email lists for manufacturers. They often offer discounts, especially for multipacks.