Cheap And Good Chinese Adult Underpads Are Seeking To Help More People Around The World

Nov 20, 2023 | News

There is a common thin blue cushion in the hospital, this cushion may be spread on some of the beds in the hospital building, may be spread on the bed in the consulting room, the bed in the examination room and the operating bed, in short, this blue cushion is everywhere in the hospital, not only will be spread on all kinds of beds, but also will cover the patient during the operation. Why is this kind of paving so important to hospitals? What is the material? What does it do?

In fact,this kind of mat is called sterile underpad, which has the effect of antibacterial and water insulation and water absorption, not only used in hospitals, but also has many uses in daily life.Jiayue, China adult underpad factory specializes in producing underpads, and wants to share some information about underpads with buyers.

China underpad in hospitals

  1. The purpose of single placement: in addition to exposing the minimum skin area necessary for the surgical incision, cover the other parts of the surgical patient, so that the surgical environment becomes a large range of sterile area to avoid and minimize the contamination during the operation.
  2. Laying principle: When laying, it is necessary not only to avoid exposing the surgical incision too small, but also to expose the skin around the incision as little as possible. Generally, there should be six layers of sterile towels around the operating area, and at least two layers around it. For minor surgery, only one sterile underpadcan be applied.
  3. Laying order: First lay four treatment underpad: usually first lay the opposite side of the operator, or lay relatively unclean areas (such as perineum, lower abdomen and head), and finally lay the side close to the operator (such as abdominal surgery, the laying order is first below, opposite side, back above, this side or first below, above, back opposite, this side). Then spread a single above and below each, and finally cover a large sterile underpad.
  4. Range of placement: the head end should cover the patient’s head and the anesthesia frame, and both sides and feet should sag 30cm beyond the edge of the operating table.

In summary,hospitals have always been China Underpad supplier’s biggest consumers.

Home underpad solves special problems

Adult underpads not only work in hospitals,but also play an important role in thousands of families.China adult underpads can be used by incontinence patients, newborns, postpartum women and women during their periods.

The purpose of the adult underpad is to protect the sheets and protect the patients. The mat can insulate the fluid, so that incontinence patients will not stain the sheets even in the special case of failure to change the urine pad in time, and menses can avoid leaking menstrual blood during a period of high blood volume.

The adult underpad can absorb water and inhibit bacteria, and even if you lie on it for a long time, it will not cause the skin to be wet due to sweating and so on, which will cause inflammation.

Production of adult underpads

The production process of aseptic adult underpad is very complicated, first of all, we must choose the right material, generally choose cotton cloth, polyester cloth or other suitable materials, and then the material is disinfected to make it have good antibacterial properties, and finally the material is ironed to make it have good antibacterial properties. When using sterile adult underpads, care should be taken not to contact contaminants to avoid the spread of bacteria and viruses to ensure the health of patients or users.

Chinese manufacturers care deeply about their buyers

Fujian Jiayue sanitary product ltd., a leading adult underpad manufacturer in China, knows that the adult underpad is an important item for many patients and special period users to solve the inconvenience, so our Yibero adult underpad promisess material quality, environmental protection, reasonable tailoring,and low price. If you are interested, please contact us and join us to be a partner and helper for people with special needs.