Choose a reliable diaper so that it does not become a safety hazard for babies

Nov 15, 2023 | News

Earlier, Natalie, a young mother in the UK, found that the diaper worn by her 3-year-old daughter exploded, and the crystal burned her daughter’s legs, and she was rushed to hospital. The doctor suspected boiling water burns and calls the police, Natalie was arrested on suspicion of child abuse. At his insistence, a forensic burn specialist re-examined the matter and determined that the chemical burns were caused by crystals flowing from the diaper explosion, before the court dropped the charges. Such accidents have happened all over the world. As the youngest and most vulnerable group in the world, diapers, as the most common baby product they can’t live without before the age of three, may actually harm them.

The French National Health Safety Agency has released a report that tested some diapers on the market between 2016 and 2018 and found that many brands of diapers contain harmful chemicals, such as formaldehyde and glyphosate. These harmful substances may change through urine and cause skin problems in your baby.

Therefore, the choice and use of diapers is a problem worthy of attention.A reliable China baby nappies factory may calm parents down.

Various examples show that diapers are not a product that can avoid safety problems by choosing a well-known international brand, and buyers need to learn to choose the product, not the famous brand.

What kind of diapers are safe and compliant?

The quality of diapers can be checked by these means:

Pull the diaper open to the light to see if the distribution of cotton is uniform, uniform distribution of cotton can absorb water quickly, keep dry;

Shake it close to the ear and listen to whether it rustles, the louder the sound indicates that the resin particles are not fixed well, in an active state, and are easy to gather in one place after absorbing water and cause the deformation of the diaper;

Touch the softness of the skin-friendly layer and the edge of the diaper, the better the softness, the more comfortable the baby is wearing;

Press and feel the grain feeling between the cotton layers. No obvious grain feeling means that the resin particles are evenly distributed;

Stretch test side waist and back waist elasticity, elastic diapers will not bind the baby’s belly, more comfortable.

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How to choose a proper diaper for a baby?

After choosing a qualified product, buyers should also pay attention to:

  1. Good size

In the process of selecting diapers, be sure to first choose according to the baby’s weight. The common sizes of diapers generally include NB (born to 5 kg), S (5 to 8 kg), M (7 to 11 kg), L (10 to 14 kg), XL (12 to 16 kg or more), it should be noted that some brands will be divided into male and female baby models, but also to choose right. Only the right baby is the best.

  1. Comfortable fit

The baby’s skin is extremely delicate, and the baby who generally wears diapers is almost worn 24 hours a day, if it is uncomfortable, it will lead to red marks on the baby or produce some unnecessary friction, so choose some diapers with a larger elastic design, comfortable and soft.

  1. Large water absorption

Most babies urine volume is relatively small each time, but it is more frequent every day. Therefore, the selection of diapers with a large amount of water absorption is not only convenient for yourself, to avoid the frequent change of treasure mothers, but also to make the baby feel comfortable, and to keep the baby’s butt dry at all times.

  1. Long-lasting dry and no seepage

The most important role of durable dry and non-permeable diapers is to avoid the baby’s eczema, but also to increase comfort, to avoid the baby’s butt is always wet with the diaper.

  1. Breathable and not stuffy

Air permeability is also an important condition for selecting diapers, if the diaper has good air permeability, it can also improve the comfort of the baby to wear, and avoid covering the baby.

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