Christmas Month! Jiayue Promotional Video Shooting

Dec 15, 2022 | News, Uncategorized

This December makes the year 2022 a perfect year for the Chinese people. On December 2022, the Chinese government announced that the COVID-19 had been normalized, and the trip code that accompanied the Chinese people will be officially removed from the line from December 13, 2022. The period from December 2019 to December 2022 was destined to be an extraordinary three years, a record three years, during which Jiayue grew and transformed rapidly. Jiayue has grown into the most reliable and trustworthy supplier for our customers and a positive enterprise in the industry.
To make more customers know more about Jiayue and to integrate our joyous, upward and professional characters, Jiayue invited a professional team to shoot for us!

The following 9 sentences are all from the sincere voices of our partners in Jiayue.As a Top diaper manufacturer, Jiayue looks forward to working with you, and we are your best choice!!!
1. Jiayue believes stable quality is key to a brand. Jiayue consistent quality will help bring you customer loyalty and reputation.
2. Jiayue believes quick response is key to business communication. Our fast reply will get your questions and problems solved quickly.
3. Jiayue believes saving cost is important. Our compact design and skillful loading will increase the loading capacity by 10%.
4. Jiayue believes unique design is first step to attract customers. Jiayue offers different designs for you to select the best for the market without charge.
5. Jiayue believes strong supplying capability is fundamental to make a big brand. We export more than 100 containers every month, and are able to deal with large orders.
6. Jiayue believes efficient sourcing is essential to clients. Jiayue one stop service will save your time to develop all sanitary products, including diaper, wet wipes, under pads, sanitary napkins, raw materials, etc.
7. Jiayue believes every little effort to assist our clients is worthy. We can help you design the posters for good promotion and market development.
8. Jiayue believes good machine is the key to produce quality diaper. Our most advanced machine will enable you to sell diapers of high technique.

9.Jiayue believes honesty and friendship is also important. We can be your eyes and ears in China, and we can also be your reliable friends, working and moving to a better future together.

December is the busiest and most joyful month of the year, the last month of the year, when everyone is making efforts to close the year 2022 and to meet 2023 in a better position. December 25 is Christmas Day, and we prepared Christmas trees and Christmas dolls to greet Christmas Day, to allow our partners to feel the Christmas atmosphere and happiness earlier. It is well known that a good working environment can affect the working mentality of our staff. All of us at Jiayue wish everyone a Merry Christmas in advance!

As the saying goes, a single thread can’t make a cord nor a single tree a forest! The same piece of iron, can be sawed and dissipated, but also can be refined into steel; the same a team, can be bumbling, but also can achieve great things. A team of various roles, where everyone has to get their own position, because there is no perfect individual, only the perfect team!
Jiayue standard and customized baby/adult/pet diaper, wet/dry wipes, sanitary napkins, under pad, and raw materials. Raw materials include non-woven/SAP/spandex/tape etc.
More details welcome to contact us. We look forward to your cooperation with us!
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