Current Situation of the Sanitary Products Industry in Africa

Jan 6, 2023 | News

In terms of population, there is a low population density in Africa, but a high number of children per family, due to its climate, which makes many parts of the continent unsuitable for living. According to the UNICEF, two out of five children in the world will be born in Africa in the future, and the demographic structure will change. Africa, which is on a growth inertia curve, is predicted to reach 2.4 billion people in 2050, twice as many as today, with greater changes at the economic level and an expanded global impact.

The market for baby diapers is saturated as the birth rate in developed countries is slowing down, coupled with issues such as an ageing population. In contrast, children from zero to three years of age in developing countries such as Nigeria accounted for 14% of the total population in 2017, with 26 million potential consumers of baby products. With approximately 7 million births per year and a birth rate of 37.3 per 1,000 women, these figures make Nigeria a major market for diapers. The market size for diapers in Nigeria should be 2.07 billion pieces per year and the current annual consumption of diapers is approximately 1.75 billion pieces per year, making the market potential huge.

The retail landscape in Africa has changed considerably over the past few years, as the development of e-commerce has laid the foundation for the marketing of commodities such as sanitary products. The market for sanitary products in African countries such as Nigeria has become quite dynamic, attracting local and global manufacturers to invest here in the hope of capturing and exploiting the opportunities in the African sanitary products market.

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