Sanitary Napkin Penetration Rate in India Breaks 50%?

Jan 10, 2023 | News

Compared to the mature market for feminine sanitary products in China, the Indian market is still in its infancy. But India is a dynamic market with 1.32 billion people, the second largest population in the world, and a huge potential consumer base. In recent years, the acceptance of feminine sanitary products by consumers has exploded, with a compound annual growth rate of 17%. A growing number of sanitary products manufacturers recognize the potential of this market and are moving step by step to open its doors.

In 2018, following the film “Dangal”, another Indian drama based on true events, “Pad Man” was released, which has caused some buzz in India. The film is about a man who tries to save his wife from the agony of using cloths during her menstrual period. Since women’s menstrual periods are considered bad luck and inauspicious in India, the popularity of sanitary napkins in India used to be up to 36%. With recent figures showing that sanitary napkin penetration in India has exceeded 50%, the Indian sanitary napkin market has opened up and women’s menstrual periods in India are slowly being taken seriously.

In India, the majority of the population is accustomed to using the toilet outdoors, polluting the environment and spreading disease. To improve the living environment, the government has launched the “Toilet Revolution” with the mission of “Clean India”, which aims to build six million toilets, mainly for women. The “Toilet Revolution” has provided a private space for women to use sanitary products more easily, thus contributing to the growth of new and repeat users.

The opening of the Indian sanitary napkin market has undoubtedly given greater opportunities to manufacturers and investors in sanitary products. As China has now liberalized the COVID-19, it is also promoting the rapid rise and development of foreign trade business from a foreign trade perspective. With more than ten years of production experience in the sanitary products industry and more than 1,000 containers exported, Jiayue can claim to have sufficient experience in the sanitary products industry.

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