Development history of diaper technology

Nov 3, 2023 | News

I believe that customers who have customized diapers know that the core part of diapers is the “core”, which determines the diaper’s absorption capacity, absorption speed, water-locking ability, and whether it is broken. It can be said that the quality of the core directly determines the diaper. The quality of performance also directly determines whether the diaper is a mid-to-high-end product, and its importance is evident.

The absorbent layer of the first generation of diapers is mainly pulp&SAP core, which has a large proportion of fluff pulp and very limited absorption capacity. Moreover, the diaper itself is relatively thick and airtight. It is used in some poor areas such as Africa, the Middle East, and South America.

The absorbent layer of second-generation diapers is mainly SAP paper & pulp core, which has a relatively fast instant absorption speed, but its thickness, conductivity and absorption strength still have certain limitations, which can easily lead to uneven absorption, faults, lumps, and severe cases may lead to urine leakage and diaper rash;diapers like this are more popular in Africa, Southeast Asia, Russia and other places.

The absorbent layer of the third-generation diapers is SAP paper core. Compared with the second-generation diapers, they are thinner, more close-fitting, less prone to reverse osmosis, and have better diversion and water-locking capabilities. Therefore, the third-generation diapers are widely used, as in China, all It has become more and more popular in Russia, Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States;

Jiayue’s own brand Yibero diapers and pull-up pants usually use San-DIA, Sumitomo and other Japanese brands of SAP, which are highly absorbent and can stay dry for more than 12 hours without rewet. The dryness will not cause red buttocks that what is the most important factor. A good absorption layer can bring customers a good consumption and use experience. Therefore, the absorption layer plays a critical role in the quality of the product. The consumption level of consumers in modern society has increased relatively. Therefore, in the process of OEM diapers, Jiayue mainly focuses on improving product quality. Only with good quality can we have a good brand and good sales. In addition, it is necessary to adapt to local conditions in response to the usage habits of different regions, and then slowly promote new products on this basis. The good sales volume of Jiayue Yibero is enough to prove the quality of Jiayue’s products.

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