Jiayue continues to ship, and it is still strong!

Jun 5, 2023 | News

In the past two months, the sanitary product industry has entered the off-season sales, and many small manufacturers have seen little business. However, the off-season has basically no impact on industry leaders and other manufacturers. As one of the industry leaders in sanitary products, Jiayue’s shipments in the off-season are still strong, and customers continue to place orders. Jiayue supplies the baby diapers, adult diapers, wet wipes, dry wipes, sanitary napkins, underpad, pet diapers, and related raw materials. Raw materials include diaper raw materials, sanitary raw materials, wet wipes raw materials, in include non-fabric, spandex ,SAP, PE film ect,. In the past month, Jiayue adult diaper pants, wet wipes, under pads and raw materials shipped over 80 containers.

  • Jiayuemain products

  1. Adult diaper(pant)

  1. Babydiaper(pant)

baby diaper

  1. Underpad


  1. Baby/Adult wet wipes

  2. wet wipes

Yibero is Jiayue’s own brand, and it is going overseas.As an export-oriented leader, JIAYUE has customers from all over the country and exports to more than 70 countries, export regions and countries including Europe, USA, Southeast Asia, India, Korea, Tanzania, Ghana, Kazakhstan, Chile, etc. In the meantime, every month we export more than 80*40HQ containers steadily all over the world.Jiayue accepts OEM/ODM customized and one-stop service solution. For more information, please contact us~

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