Jiayue Indonesia Exhibition

Nov 24, 2023 | News

At the end of November, the person in charge of Jiayue participated in the Indonesia Hygiene Products Exhibition with his business and took a trip to Indonesia. He was also warmly entertained by many local friends. Everyone rushed to take photos. Jiayue also gave enthusiastic feedback to its Indonesian friends. . Southeast Asian countries have always been one of our main markets. Coming to Indonesia to participate in the exhibition this time also allows us to get closer to the local market, understand the local situation, and facilitate better cooperation in the future.

We also came to Chinatown in Indonesia, a new district in Indonesia, which is very prosperous and developed. We interviewed several Indonesian friends. They expressed that they were friendly and admired the Chinese people, and they hoped that everyone would come to visit.

In Indonesia, the best-selling mother and baby product lines must include diapers, and they are all imported from China. The baby and maternity market in Indonesia is expected to boom in the coming years as purchasing power grows.

Analysis of user behavior on E-commerce shopping platform

Shopee started out in the fourth quarter of 2019 with 72,973,300 monthly visits, surpassing Tokepedia, and then declined in the first quarter to 71,533,300 monthly visits in 2020 and 93,440,300 monthly visits in the second quarter of 2020. ,Substantial growth.

What makes Shopee the best?

As already explained above, Shopee is currently the most popular e-commerce in Indonesia.

Lazada is an international e-commerce company founded in 2012 and stands as one of the most prominent players in the Southeast Asian region. This B2C platform, which is backed by Alibaba’s technology infrastructure, serves consumers in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam, and in 2022, it announced plans to expand into Europe.

We supply the baby diapers, adult diapers, wet wipes, dry wipes, sanitary napkins, underpad, pet diapers, as well as OEM and ODM customization services.Over the years, JIAYUE has continued to provide one-stop diaper sourcing service solutions for international customers, and keeps delivering stable and high quality products. Jiayue has helped more than five-eight clients become quite famous brand in local market,regularly repurchase more than 3/5/10/30 containers every month.Jiayue would like to be your eyes and ears in China!Welcome to contact us!

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