The Analysis of the Maternal and Baby Products Industry in the Indonesian Market on TikTok

Jul 26, 2023 | News

With the rise of online sales models for maternal and baby products, the maternal and baby product markets in several countries have encountered greater business opportunities. The TikTok Shop ecosystem is gradually maturing, and an increasing number of brands are eager to tap into the Southeast Asian user base through TikTok. Southeast Asia, known for having the highest number of newborns in Asia, has become one of the top choices for maternal and baby product businesses to expand their market internationally. The Southeast Asian e-commerce community also has a saying, “Whoever captures the maternal and baby market, captures Southeast Asia,” highlighting the immense potential in this category. Products like diapers and children’s wet wipes boast remarkably high repurchase rates.

Market Analysis

Indonesia, as the world’s fourth most populous country, is estimated to have 1.6 million newborns every year. With economic development, the middle-class population in Indonesia is also increasing. People have higher expectations for the quality of baby products and are willing to invest more money. More parents have become aware of the importance of baby product safety, especially concerning baby diapers, which have gained widespread attention. According to the 2022-2026 Indonesia Maternal and Baby Market In-depth Analysis Report, the Indonesian e-commerce sector has experienced an average annual compound growth rate of over 30% due to the impact of the COVID-19. TikTok e-commerce has become a significant channel for the sales of baby diapers in Indonesia. In March, the top-selling product was children’s diapers, with a monthly sales volume of 20.8K and monthly sales revenue of USD 72.6K, experiencing a month-on-month decline of 8%. The second top-selling product was diaper sets, with a monthly sales volume of 26.2K and sales revenue of USD 87.8K, achieving a month-on-month growth rate of 62%. The third top-selling product was diapers, with a monthly sales volume of 16.1K and sales revenue of USD 54.4K, showing a remarkable month-on-month growth rate of 347%.

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