The OEM Wet Wipes Landscape – Guide By Baby Diaper Manufacturer

Jul 23, 2023 | News


Wet wipes are a booming market with applications across personal hygiene, household cleaning, healthcare, and industries. The popularity and demand for custom wet wipes that cater to the specific needs of businesses have led to the rise of OEM or contract manufacturing in the wet wipes industry.

OEM wet wipes manufacturers produce hydrated wipes according to the requirements of brand owners who then sell them under their own labels. This white label model allows startups and established brands to expand into the wipes market quickly and cost-effectively.

organic wipes for baby

OEM wet wipe suppliers utilize a range of nonwoven fabrics, active ingredients, and solution formulations to manufacture custom wipes for various end-uses:

Organic Wipes For Baby: Hypoallergenic and fragrance-free wipes for baby bottoms and skin. Often infused with natural ingredients and made with organic cotton.
• Intimate Wipes: Chemically activate wipes designed specifically for intimate hygiene. May include extracts of aloe vera, cucumber, etc.
• Cosmetic Wipes: Make-up removal wipes impregnated with cleansers, moisturizers and other skin conditioning agents. Come in varied sizes and textures.
• Hand and Body Wipes: Multi-purpose personal care wipes for hand and body cleansing. Available in tub or canister formats. Both fragrance-free and scented varieties available.
• Surface Disinfecting Wipes: Infused with cleaning agents and disinfectants for sanitizing surfaces. Used in hospitals, food plants, gyms, childcare centers and more.
• Antibacterial Wipes: Formulated with antibacterial agents to kill common bacteria on the skin. Used for sterilizing wounds and skin treatment.

OEM wet wipe producers employ advanced technologies to develop custom products with desirable attributes such as:

• Softness: Specially engineered nonwoven fabrics that feel smooth and gentle against skin.
• Absorbency: Solution formulations and nonwoven basis weights that maximize liquid uptake.
• strength: Fiber blends and bonding processes for high tensile strength and resistance to tearing.
• Thickness: Controlled caliper or thickness levels ranging from 35 – 300 GSM based on application needs.
• Actives: Incorporation of natural extracts, moisturizers, antibacterials and other functional ingredients.
• Fragrance: Addition of essential oils and fragrance chemicals for pleasant scent.

In addition to product formulation and development, OEM wet wipe manufacturers ensure:

• Stringent Quality Control: Testing and compliance with international standards like ISO9001, FDA and CE.
• Reliable Supply Chain: Ensuring uninterrupted supply of materials and finished products.
• Competitive Pricing: Economies of scale from large-scale production enable competitive OEM pricing.
• Packaging Options: Varied packaging formats like soft packs, tubs, folding packets and dispensers.
• Regulatory Compliance: Strict adherence to regulations around ingredients, packaging and labelling in key markets.

Leading OEM wet wipe suppliers include multi-national nonwovens companies, contract manufacturers or even China baby diaper online sale manufacturer based in China and Korea as well as startups with innovative designs and technologies. They cater to global FMCG brands, retailers, e-commerce players and others with high-quality and customized solutions.