TikTok is Coming on Strong, Three Watching Focuses in 2022 for News Consumption in US Social Media

Dec 12, 2022 | News

According to Pew, half of US adults get their news from social media, which plays an irreplaceable role in news consumption.
TikTok’s influence as a news channel has been highlighted. Today, 10% of US adults regularly get their news on the platform; in a “basic context” where the proportion of news consumption by adult users of most US social media is declining, TikTok is bucking the trend – 33% of adult users of the platform say they regularly use it to get news.
News consumption of adult social media in the US: Facebook holds steady at the top, and TikTok among the top five
According to a new study by the Pew Research Center on social media and news, digital news has become an important part of Americans’ news media consumption, and social media plays a critical role in news consumption. Half (50%) of US adults sometimes (33%) or often (17%) get their news from social media, compared to 48% last year. The proportion of US adults who say they regularly get their news from social media has fallen from 23% the year before last and 19% last year to 17% this year.
In addition to Facebook, a quarter (25%) of US adults regularly get their news on YouTube, followed by Twitter (14%), Instagram (13%), and one in ten (10%) US adults claim to regularly watch news on TikTok.

News consumption by adult users of US social media: most platforms decline, while TikTok bucks growth
According to Pew, the proportion of adult users of most US social media platforms who regularly get their news on social platforms is declining. For example, 53% of Twitter users regularly get news on the platform (the largest share across all platforms), but this is a decline from 59% in 2020; 44% of Facebook users frequently get news on the platform, lower than the 54% in 2020. Other platforms are also seeing more significant declines, while some individual platforms such as Instagram have a slight increase.
In stark contrast, a growing number of adult TikTok US users are getting their news on the platform. This year, a third (33%) of TikTok users said they regularly get news on the platform, compared to 29% last year and 22% the year before last.

US adults’ digital news consumption: social media favorites outstrip search engines for the first time
According to Pew, the vast majority of Americans get news from digital devices at least sometimes. 82 percent of U.S. adults reported that they often or sometimes get news from their smartphone, computer or tablet, of which 49 percent stated they do so frequently. News websites, apps and search engines are the digital means by which most Americans get their news, with half of U.S. adults getting their news from social media and about a quarter (23 percent) opting for Podcasting.

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