A comfortable and safe baby diaper’s production process in our factory

Nov 14, 2023 | News

If there is anything that is the most frequently used and longest used thing in the baby’s growth process, it is the diaper, from the first day of the baby’s birth to the three or four years old who can run and jump, the diaper and the baby can be said to be accompanied day and night.

Therefore, many mothers for diapers can be said to be high standards, strict requirements, inferior diapers will lead to baby skin discomfort, and even infection, mothers will feel very distressed for this. When it is clear that what you buy is a well-known brand product on the market, or even a high-priced product, why does the baby’s growth have to experience these discomfort?

In fact, although the diaper is thin, in fact, it has 5 layers of structure, and the selection of each layer of structure is crucial, which directly determines whether the diaper is in contact with the skin, whether it is soft and delicate, and when the baby “opens the floodgate”, it can quickly absorb urine and keep the baby’s small butt dry. We are a highly acclaimed China Baby diaper pants supplier,we are Fujian Jiayue sanitary product ltd and today we will take you to understand the manufacture of diapers.

Surface layer of our baby nappies

Baby diaper pants

As the first layer of intimate contact with the baby’s butt, the touch and absorption effect of the surface layer can be said to directly determine the baby’s wearing experience. Therefore, the surface layer for the material requirements are very high, feel soft, can not stimulate the skin is the bottom line, in addition, must also do rapid urine diversion, to reduce irritating excreta and baby butt contact time. In order to effectively reduce the friction between the skin and the diaper surface, we choose the most skin-friendly and soft fabric, and carefully cut and compacted to ensure that no raw edges will make the baby feel uncomfortable.In order to manufacture China best diapers for baby girl,whose physiology is more delicate and sensitive,Our baby girl nappies have an extra softness layer for comfort.

Absorption core of our baby nappies

Absorption core is the most important functional layer in diapers, it shoulders the ultimate absorption and storage of urine burden, therefore, we can say that its requirements are the highest, must be fast, suck more, not easy to reverse osmosis. We choose the latest and best core, which specially uses the polymer structure, the absorption speed is fast, high efficiency, and can also be stacked in multiple layers, greatly increasing the absorption amount.

Bottom of our baby nappies

If you want the overall feel of the diaper to be good, the material of the bottom can not be neglected, not only to be leak-proof, but also to be breathable and moist, and it must be soft to touch. Our wet floor is very smooth and very soft, and printed with elaborate patterns, boys and girls’ nappies are different in pattern.

Accessory of our baby nappies

As an intimate partner who accompanies the baby for almost 24 hours, diapers must also take into account how to make the baby wear more comfortable. This mainly involves the accessories that the baby’s waist and abdomen come into contact with, they must be soft and delicate, can not risk causing allergies, and can not be done too tight to prevent strangling the baby

Summary of Yibero baby diapers

All in all, every step of the production of Jiayue,China’s Yibero baby diaper pants is made of carefully selected raw materials, ensuring that the baby’s delicate skin will not be harmed, and the baby’s skin will not be soaked in urine for a long time due to poor absorption. In addition, our diapers look beautiful, can embellish the busy mood of taking care of children. If you are willing to give us a chance, Jiayue,China will never let you down.