Adult diapers made with love want to be your first choice when in need

Nov 13, 2023 | News

In China, there is such a word: old children. This word means that when people get old, they will become as naive and naive as children again. This is because the elderly people in China have experienced various hardships in their youth. Before China’s economy has really taken off, people have experienced natural disasters and national crises, so they have developed the habits of self-discipline, frugality and modesty. When these people get old and live in the new and prosperous China, they no longer have to worry about the basic needs of life, coupled with some of them can not keep up with the pace of modern technology development, they can finally face their needs and aspirations in their later years, but they have problems in operation, so they have made some moves to explore the world and try new things.

In fact, in addition to this, the elderly will turn into children again, which is also reflected in the decline of physical function, resulting in neurological diseases, resulting in the elderly gradually losing the ability to walk, talk, defecate and so on normally. They may be like babies who need help eating or walking.

One of the most inconvenient for the elderly, and the most difficult for their caregivers, is incontinence. At this point, admit that adult diapers at night are a good choice.

Fujian Jiayue Sanitary Products Co.,Ltd has been specialized in the production of adult diapers for many years, we sincerely care about the needs of the elderly and patients, and are committed to producing the most comfortable and convenient diapers.

The difference between adult diapers and baby diapers

Diapers are more commonly known as baby diapers, so what is the difference between baby diapers and adult diapers?

Different sizes. Because the applicable population is different, baby diapers are mainly used by newborns and infants under 3 years old, and the design size is small; Adult diapers are mainly provided for adult use, and the design size is larger.

Different amount of absorption. The urine output of infants and adults is not the same, so the permeability and absorption of the two are not the same, and the general absorption capacity of adults is stronger and the absorption amount is larger.

Different function. Because the elderly in bed are easy to get bedsores for a long time, and the smell of adult urine is relatively large, so adult diapers generally increase some deodorization, anti-odor, anti-bedsores and other ingredients.

China Adult diaper pants factory Jiayue  cares deeply about the needs of the elderly and patients, using soft and absorbent materials, adding unique odor removal technology, to provide consumers with comfortable and convenient adult diapers.

A Chinese brand built with sincerity:Yibero

Fujian Jiayue Sanitary Products Co.,Ltd’s own adult baby diaper brand is Yibero.Whether it’s baby diapers or adult diapers, we design and produce them with love. From the selection of absorbent materials and mesh in contact with the skin, to the control of production, we are very strict.We want to care for the baby’s tender skin and bring maximum convenience to patients.

Your order will also be answered with patience and enthusiasm, Yibero products are fully packaged, fast delivery, guaranteed quality and guaranteed timeliness.

The usage scope and precautions of adult paper diapers

In addition to the elderly and patients with neurological disorders causing incontinence, adult diapers are also suitable for:

1.Patients with severe urinary incontinence, bed paralysis, puerperal women

2.Traffic jams, people who can’t go to the toilet for a long time.


If the adult diaper is dirty, it should be replaced immediately, otherwise it has been wearing wet diapers, not only unhealthy, bad for health.

After the use of adult diapers, they should be used diapers into the trash can, do not flush the toilet, diapers are different from toilet paper, do not dissolve.

Choose the right size of adult diaper.