Shocker! The Market Secrets Behind Pet Hygiene Products

Mar 2, 2023 | News

According to the Yano Research Institute, the pet market in Japan reached JPY 1,570 billion (approximately RMB 99.18 billion) in 2019, an increase of 1.67% year-on-year. As the global ageing process becomes more serious and the “lonely society” more intense, the number of people keeping pets is increasing, and more families are favoring pets as an important companion to alleviate loneliness in their lives. As a result, sales of pet products have skyrocketed in these years.

In the increasingly large pet consumer industry, therefore, in addition to the more immediate needs of pet food and pet medical care, hygiene products, which are under the pet supplies category, are also a segment worthy of attention. This article will take you through the secrets of the pet hygiene products market.

Pet hygiene products include primary hygiene products such as pet wipes, pet pads and pet diapers, which are used frequently during pet ownership and therefore have a high repurchase rate and are not seasonal. Therefore, it can be said that the use of pet hygiene products is increasing with the increase of pet owners, and these are essential products, so the market is huge.

China’s domestic pet industry has been developing for a relatively short period of time, but has also shown a rapid growth trend in recent years. Third-party data shows that the year-on-year growth rate of the consumer market size for pets (dogs and cats) in China is above 20%, except in 2020. In 2021, the market growth rate has returned to the pre-epidemic level, with the overall scale approaching RMB 250 billion. Since the lift of the COVID-19 in China at the end of 2022, the sales scale of pet hygiene products has remained on the rise, and when compared to overseas, the post-epidemic enthusiasm of the US public for pet ownership has also increased significantly.

All in all, the future of pet hygiene products is looking good.
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